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Order Taking Services

Our nationwide call center is a completely web-enabled, exact 24/7 service, so you are never charged additional fees for weekends, holidays or nights. Your customers will have the elasticity to place orders at any time and from any place across the country and you will be free of the burden of managing and paying your personnel to handle order taking on a 24-hour basis.

All rates are 24/7 and Live Operator clients may additionally add voice mail options to either improve account capabilities or minimize live operator costs.

Call Answering Services

It’s a dare to remain up with today’s customers. Having reliable call-center representatives who can resolve these matters in single call is more vital than ever. Puri’s Tech Customer Care Solutions, we can assist you bond with your clients with our entire range of inbound call-center services.

With our field expertise in contact center solutions, top of expertise and experienced call center agents, you can assure with our excellent services.

Order Dispatching Services

Puri’s Tech ODS has paying attention on building the dispatcher more effectual by simplifying and automating the dispatch process. Accessible tools make best use of your driver and equipment investment. Real time alerts push potential issues to dispatch for immediate attention allowing for better, more practical, customer service.

Benefits Include

  • Mileage savings stands on route optimization
  • boost in dispatchers productivity
  • enlarge on-time deliveries
  • Reduced outfitted costs

About Us

Every business required the good reputation to build the confidence in the heart of the clients. However, We have built our confidence between the client and they appreciate our way of working and the progressive approach. more


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